2,012 Free Downy Samples (5 PM EST TODAY!)

2,012 free downy samples

I know that this is one freebie I can’t wait for! Starting today (1/17), Downy will be giving away 2,012 free samples every day for a week! I’ve found more information, and they will be starting at 5 pm EST time and 2,012 samples will be given to the 1st 2,012- so take note, you’re going to need to be fast. Not fast enough today? You’ve got the next week to get them, no worries!

Quoted from the Downy Facebook page:

“We heard you, and we’re going to ring in 2012 by giving away 2,012 samples each day for a week starting Tuesday, 1/17. Stay tuned for all the details, including the giveaway time on Tuesday!”





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