Free Dr. Whitaker Products

free dr whitaker vitamin products

Here’s a great freebie for all of you that take vitamins or give your children vitamins! Dr. Whitaker is giving away products under $10 for free with the code ‘LARB‘, and shipping is free, too! Also, not only will you be receiving the item of choice for free, but you’ll also get free Stress Melts, 30 tablets with every order.




      • Melissa says

        I never even saw a SPACE to enter the code on the checkout page.
        In many instances, you enter your info on one page, & have the opportunity to review all the info (and enter any codes/discounts) on the next page.
        I hit “enter”, and my order went in!
        I live on a VERY fixed SSI income & there is nothing for them to take out of my account right now.
        I called Customer Service, and they said nothing actually gets processed until the next business day, so I am to call in the morning and they can put a stop on my order.
        I certainly hope this is true, or I will be overdrawn! :-(


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